14 Fun Facts (Statistics) about SIP Trunking and VoIP

14 Fun Facts (Statistics) about SIP Trunking and VoIP

14 Fun Facts (Statistics) about SIP Trunking and VoIP is an ability that can be learned by using many human beings. It’s a smooth way to improve your organization’s overall performance, simplify community manipulation, keep time, and increase productivity. We idea it might be helpful to list a few statistics approximately SIP/VoIP/Unified Communications. These are some examples of however what you might be interested in.

14 Fun Facts (Statistics) about SIP Trunking and VoIP

North America is home to forty five% SIP-tuning purchasers. In 2017, SIP trunking was anticipated to look at a 60% growth in clients. (Infonetics Research)

SIP users are more than ninety-eight percent satisfied with audio first-rate ( Product facts HTML4_

VoIP allows proprietors of small corporations to however reduce close by charges up to 40% and keep as a great deal as 90% on international calls.

Juniper Research claims that 2017’s cellular VoIP customers might be one billion.

VoIP conversation systems have enabled the garage however to switch 147 petabytes of info between 2011 and 2015. Given that in 2015, this amount grew to 156 Petabytes. It projected that it’ll upward push to 158Gigabytes by using the cease of 2015. (com)

Based on 2020 projections. $86.20bn worth of global sales from client organizations that overall 204.8billion. (Future Market Insights).

It expected that the 2018 market of unified voice alternate will carry in $88 tens of million annually. (Infonetics)

With VoIP switching, agencies with 30 employees can make $1200/month financial savings. (PC World)

Month after month, Telecoms are nonetheless however losing not unusual 700,000.00 landline customers. (internet)

Hosting VoIP offerings will nearly double from 2012-to 2016 (Infonetics)

70% of corporations said they’ve deployed UC in the Cloud or are thinking about doing so. (InformationWeek)

A zone of businesses wants to deliver a hundred percent of their site visitors using SIP Trunks for 2018. (ExpretIP)

SIP may be critical for establishments with over 20% group of workers. SIP can prove challenging for businesses with between one and 500 employees. (expert)

SIP can include 50% of all of the agency transformation strains in America. (Gartner)


This fact indicates SIP Trunking, along with VoIP and Unified Communications, might be the perfect method for corporations inside the destiny to attach. Organizations enjoy this charge-saving and flexible approach. This article may updated when 2016 data is available.

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